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●I. 1-5 CABABII. 1. closed 2. easily 3. wash 4. to call 5. yourselfIII. 1. ring ,up 2. right now 3. left him a message 4. to call me back 5.forgetto closeIV. 1. speak 2. message 3. This 4. have 5. leave 6.give 7. comes 8. Bye网友采纳热心网友Ⅰ. 1. sports 2. Let?s 3. basketballs 4. sounds 5. collection6. has 7. watches 8. difficult 9. interesting 10. boring Ⅱ. 1. A 题意:你有两只乒乓球拍吗?由two可知bat的形式应是复数,故选A。 2. B 题意:“这些是什么?”“它们是足球。”由these可知答语中主语的形式应是复数,应用they来指代,所以答案为B。 3. D 题意:她每天做运动。当主语是第三人称单数时,动词要用第三人称单数形式,play的第三人称单数是plays,否定形式应是doesn?t play。故选D。 4. B 题意:你看电视吗? look at强调动作,see强调看的内容,“看电视”和“看球赛”一般用watch,由于do引导的一般疑问句后跟动词原形,所以不用watches,故选B。 5. A 题意:“我们看电视吧。”“不,听起来很无聊。我们打篮球吧。” boring意为“无聊的”,interesting和fun意为“有趣的”,difficult“困难的”,根据题意应选A项。 6. C 题意:“我们踢足球吧!”“听起来好极了。”球类前不加冠词,故选C。 7. D 题意:“你的弟弟有钢笔吗?”“是的,他有。”does引导的一般疑问句的肯定答语应是Yes, hedoes.故选D。 8. A 题意:我喜欢在电视上看足球比赛。“在电视上”应用介词on。 9. C 题意:他不打棒球。由于he是第三人称单数,所以助动词为does,否定形式为doesn?t,does后跟动词原形,be动词后不能跟动词原形,故选C。 10. A 题意:我妈妈喜欢排球,她认为排球令人轻松。relaxing “令人轻松的”,boring“无聊的”,difficult“困难的”,not good“不好的”,根据题意应选A。 11. D 题意:“我们打网球吧!”“听起来不错。”根据题意应是“听起来”而不是“看起来”;又由于that是单数所以动词要用第三人称单数形式,故选D。 12. B 题意:我爸爸有十只网球拍。he为第三人称单数, have的第三人称单数是has,故选B。 13. A 题意:我们喜欢足球。我们有五个足球。根据题意是 “喜欢足球”,we是复数,所以like用原形,故选A。 14. D 题意:“你们有电视机吗?”“是的,我们有。”本句是do引导的一般疑问句,由于do是助动词,所以肯定答语应是Yes, we do.故选D。 15. C 题意:我们玩电脑游戏吧! let后跟不带to的不定式,结构为let sb. do sth.,故选C。Ⅲ. 1. has 2. don?t 3. them 4. sounds 5.doesn?t Ⅳ. 1. What does;have 2. Does;have;No;doesn?t 3. don?t play 4. They have;rackets 5. Does he like Ⅴ. 1. plays sports 2. Do;have 3. Let?s play 4. sounds interesting 5. watch; on Ⅵ. 1. A 根据句意是做自我介绍,所以应是“我的”名字。 2. C 句意是“我有两个朋友”,I是第一人称,所以用动词原形have。 3. C 从下文人名可确定是sisters,如果是朋友,friend应用复数形式。 4. A their是形容词性物主代词“他们的”,B项和C项是单数形式,D项“我们的”不符合句意。 5. B all指三者或三者以上,A、C、D三项都是单数形式。 6. B I是第一人称,所以用动词原形like。A项不合逻辑。 7. D 由too“也”可知两人的爱好是一样的,都是soccer ball。 8. C 句意是“她有三个篮球”,she是第三人称单数,所以应是has 。 9. B 句意是“我们放学后打篮球”,we是复数,后用动词原形。be动词后不跟动词原形,所以C项不正确。 10. A 表示“在电视上”应用介词on。Ⅶ. 1. A 根据文中第三句话“I have a sister,but I don?t have a brother.”可知答案为A。 2. D 根据文中“I likesports.”“I collect 4 tennis rackets.”和“I likeping-pong, too.”可知答案为D。 3. C 根据文中“I playping-pong with my friends.”可知答案为C。 4. B 根据短文内容可知Becky是11岁; Becky没有兄弟; Becky也喜欢乒乓球。只有B项和原文相符。 5. B 根据短文的最后几句话可知Becky是想交朋友。故选B。 6. 54 balls 7. Yes, they do. 8. Neal 9. No, he doesn?t. 10. She likes volleyball. Ⅷ. 1. C 2. G 3. F 4. D 5. A Ⅸ. One possible version: My goodfriend I have a good friend. His name is Tim. He likes sports. He has a smallsports collection. He has five baseballs, eight volleyballs, four soccer ballsand three basketballs. He plays sports every day.


●Dragon Boat Festival last year. I and my father, mother, sister, brother went to Lin'an by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,my shoes broke. Dad said to me, can't do anything halfway. So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.Since then, I've kept these shoes.The next day, we went to the lake boating, swimming. At night we ride home. On the third day, I get down to serious study, and to record the experiences these days.


问题补充:选择题 25题 完型填空 10题 阅读理解 10题 适当填空 25题 句型转换 20题 选词填空 10题 附上答案,不然我们老师不要~~ 是初二英语下期中试卷~~(人教版) 要出两张,因此多多益善~~~
●选择题 11.The teacher are very ________ to us. A. kind and friend B. kindly and friendly C. kind and friendly D. kindly and friend 12. Let’s go to the theatre by taxi or we’ll ________the start of the play. A. get B. catch C. miss D. lost 13. __________ good news it is ! A. What a B.How a C. What D. How 14. ~~~________ is your school? ~~~Only ten minutes’ walk. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far 15.There was_________no one laughing at that boy. How kind they were! A. nearly B. almost C. hardly D.about 16. If you ________the medicine, you won’t be fine. A .don’t eat B.don’t take C.won’t eat D.won’t take 17.Everyone says the nurse is very_______.She often helps the_________people. A. fine, sick B.kind, sick C. fine, ill D. kind, ill 18.The child______his mother carefully but he couldn’t _______ anything. A. listened, hear B. listened to, hear C. heard, listen D. heard, listen to 19. John never comes to school late, ________? A. does he B.doesn’t he C.is he D. isn’t he 20. It’s very kind ________me with my physics. A. for you to help B. for you helping C. of you to help D. of you helping 21. She aways thinks of _________ more than herself. A. other B.the other C. others D. the others 22. ~~~Is your brother in Shanghai now? ~~~Yes, he will be back in ________ two days. A.another B. other C. others D. the other 23.The dress looks nice_______you. A. in B. on C.for D. with 24.Susan doesn’t look ________. What’t the trouble_________her? A. happy, with B. happily, with C. happy, of D. happily, of 25.Don’t worry. She______you a call as soon as she________Shanghai. A. will give, reaches B. gives, will get to C. will give, arrive in D. gives, will get Ⅲ.完形填空(10%分) Mr Black has a company(公司) in NewYork. His woekers are building a___26__over a river near a town. He’s strict with the workers and tells them to work hard and get to the building site(工地) on time. And several of them__27__ because they were late. One summer afternoon it was very___28__ outside. Mr Black came to the building site.He got off his car and found all the workers working hard in the sun. He was happy and told to buy enough___29__ for them Suddenly he saw a young man sitting under a big tree and drinking tea there.He became___30__and came up to him.The young man didn’t___3__him, keeping on sitting there. “How much___32__you___22__ in a month, young man?” “One thousand eight hundred dollars, sir.” Was the answer. Mr Black___33__ his secretary(秘书) and said, “Take him to the office and pay him two thousand dollars and let him go! I’ll never see him!” Soon after the young man___34__, a foreman (工头) came and asked, “Where’s the young man gone?” “Who’s he?” said Mr Black, “I’m sorry I don’t know, Mr Black.” Said the foreman, “I was told he had come to bring a for__35___me.” (26) A. house B. museum C.bridge D. school (27) A. took to a hospital B. were taken to a hospital C. sent away D. were sent away (12)A.hot B.cold C.warm D.cool (29).A.drinks B.chairs C.food D.pens (30). A. Sad B.strange C. angry D.terrible (31).A.Say hello to B.say goodbye to C. laugh at D. smile upon (32).A.do, pay B.do, lend C. are; paid D. are; lent (33).A.rang B.turned to C.told D.asked (34).A.slept B.came C.left D.stood up (35).A.call B.message C.news D.pleasure 答案 Ⅱ.单项选择(15%) 11-----15 CCCDB 16-----20 BBAAC 21-----25 CABAA Ⅲ.完形填空(10%) 26-----30 CBDAB 31-----35 ADCAC 你可以上网搜一下 很多的 小妹妹`~

江阴初级中学2011-2012学年第一学期期中试卷 初二英语试卷

●初二英语上册期中试卷——期中考试已经开始了,想必同学们都在紧张的复习中,小编整理了关于初二英语上册期中考试卷,以供同学们参考!  一、听力(省略) 二、单项选择(20分)  1. How could he _______?  A. makes you laugh B. make you laugh  C.makes you laughing D. make you laughing  2. Whose room is ______,Kate, Millie's or Betty's?  A. bigger B. the bigger C. the best D. best  3. ______of the two books is interesting.  A. None B. Neither C. All D. Both  4. What are you talking ____?  A to B with C about D /  5. I really don't know_____my father will come back..  A. how long B. how soon C. how far D. how much  6. We saw ______ elephant in the zoo. ______ elephant was from India.  A. a; The B. the; An C. an; The D. the; A  7. Wang Fang is______ of the five basketball players, but she plays very well.  A. thinner B. thinnest C. the thinnest D. very thin  8. He tries to spend as much time as he can ____ Chinese well.  A to study B studies C studying D study  9. My brother is so fat ______ too much food and little exercise.  A. like B. that C. because D. because of  10. Peter is friendly. He never ______ a bad word about anyone.  A. speaks B. tells C. talks D. says  11. It's wrong to ______ dirty water into the river.  A. throw B. take C. pour D. rush  12. All the people should do their best ______ the work.  A. to finish B. finish C. finished . finishing  13. What kind of food is______ , Chinese food, Japanese food or the western food?  A. most delicious B. more delicious  C. the most delicious D. the more delicious  14. Listen! Can you hear the boy ______ in the next room?  A. to sing B. sings C. sang D. singing  15. I'm 1.70 metres. Yao Ming is 2.27 metres. I am ______ Yao Ming.  A. as tall as B. taller than C. not as all as D. so tall as  16. There is ____ river in my hometown.  A.two--metre--deep B .a two--metre--deep  C. two metres deep D. a two metres deep  17. Beijing is bigger than _____in Jiangsu.  A. any other city B. any city C. any other cities D. other cities  18. They don't know what ______yesterday.  A. did he happen B. he happened  C.happened to him D. happened to he  19. Mr Wang is an _____man.. He is_____ in telling jokes.  A. interesting , interested B. interested, interesting  C. interesting , interesting D. interested, interested  20. ______ bad weather it is!  A. What B. What a C. How a D. How  三、完形填空(10分)  December 21st is my grandma's birthday. I'll go back to my hometown 1 my parents. Yesterday evening our family 2 the presents for my grandma.  " 3 can we buy for my grandma's birthday?" I asked.  "We can buy her a big suit," said my mother.  "My sister 4 me yesterday. She said she would buy clothes for my mother," said Father.  "We can buy her a big 5 and some vegetables." I said.  "My brother, your uncle, told me he would prepare the birthday 6 ." my father said to me.  "Can we buy something 7 ?" asked my father.  We thought 8 . At last I shouted, "I know. We can buy 9 some Wahaha!"  "Wahaha?" asked my father. "Why?" "Grandma is 10 . She lost some of her teeth. If we buy her some Wahaha, she will drink it and get all the calcium(钙) she needs."  ( )1. A. and B. with C. for D. at  ( )2. A. looked for B. talked about C. found D. heard from  ( )3. A. Where B. Which C. How D. What  ( )4. A. called B. took C. said D. made  ( )5. A. pear B. apple C. cake D. orange  ( )6. A. suit B. dinner C. present D. dress  ( )7. A. others B. another C. other D. else  ( )8. A. hard B. of C. about D. over  ( )9. A. she B. hers C. her D. us  ( )10. A. strong B. old C. tall D. thin


●2010-2011学年度第二学期英语期末试题一. 单项选择。(15x1分=15分)1. --- he Australia? --- Yes,,he does. A.Is, from B. Is, come from C. Does, come from D.Does, from 2. My family in an 18-floor tall buliding in London now . A. to live B. lived C. lives D. live 3. A good teacher is always friendly all the students. A. to B. at C. of D.for 4. What’s your mother’s ? ---She is a bank clerk. A. jobs B. work C. works D. job 5. Where is your father ? --- He is his car in the garden. A. washing B. to wash C. wash D. washes6.How it going you and your family. A. is, with B. are,with C. is , to D.are , to 7. Why your cousin want a teacher? A.do, be B. does , be C.do,to be D. does ,to be 8. I usually get up at six, I sometimes get up at half past six . A.but B. and C. so D. by 9. We like koalas because they’re cute. A. kinds of B. a kind of C. kind of D. a kind10. My father would like noodles.A. beef and tomatoes B. beefs and tomatoes C. beef and tomato D beefs and tomato 11. -- ?--- I’d like a derssert. A. Whatdo you like B.can I help you C. would you like a dessert D.what you would like 12. Don’t stay at home .Go to the Children’s Palaceto learn piano. A. the, / B. /, the C./, / D. the,the 13.Do you mind the window.It’s hot inside. A.opening B. to open C. open D. openning 14. Last week,Mr Ford wrote a report about _____ vacations. A.student B. students C. students’ D. student’s 15.My mother is sleeping .Can you make the baby crying? A. stops B. stop C.to stops D. to stop 二.完形填空(10 x1分=10分)Last summer, Kitty went to China_1__vacation with her parents.The weather _2__fine and Chinese were very 3 .They visited some museums and learnd 4 new things.They went _ 5_and felt relaxed. They went to Chinese restaurants 6_ meals because Chinese food is 7 Kitty’s father didn’t like shopping .He said ,”It’s really __ 8_.The shop is too _9___!” But Kitty and her mother didn’t agree 10 him.They said, “Chinese things arevery beautiful,and some of them are really cheap."( ) 1.A.a B. an C. the ( ) 2. A. on B. In C. At( ) 3.A. goes B. gets C. went ( ) 4. A. on B. at C. in( ) 5.A. left B. middle C. right ( ) 6. A. didn’t B.\ C. doesn’t( ) 7.A. noisy B. quiet C. busy ( ) 8.A.saw B. looked C. found( ) 9.A.near B. to C. for ( ) 10.A.town B. city C. mountain三. 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空。(10x1分=10分)1. Thank you for (help) me. 2. Listen!The little girl (play) the panio. 3.The twins (be)born in 1980.4. June 1st is (Child) Day.Many kids are pretty happy. 5. Would you like (drink) some juice ,Alan? 6. They want (Play) soccer with you . 7. Don’t make the girl (cry)in the room.8.We don’t like our English teacher,Because he is (friend)to us.9.September 10th is ( Teacher) Day in China.10. Yang Lipingis a very best (dance).四. 词汇运用。(共计35分)A)根据提示,完成句子。用所给词的正确形式填空。(10x2分=20分)1. 你的朋友长得怎么样?他中等身材。What your friend ?He a mediun height.2.我想要一大碗鸡蛋面。I would like of egg noodles.3. 我认为这不是一本好书。I think it a good book.4.那里的天气怎么样? the weather there ?5. 你觉得中国的食品怎么样? do you the Chinese food ?6. 昨晚大卫没有看肥皂剧。David watch last night.7. My weekend was very terrible.(对划线部分提问) your weekend?8. What do you think of the soap opera?(同义句转换) do you the soap opera?9.Did Mary go to the movies last night.(作否定回答)No, 10. Mary wants to be an actress.(改为一般疑问句) Mary to be an actress ?B)英汉互译。(10x1分=10分)1. 度假 2.看起来像 3.去看电影 4.不要上课讲话 5.不得不做 6.A medium bowl 7.Play beach volleyball 8.soap opera 9.be fun 10.sitcom C) 发散思维(5 x1分=5分)写出已学的(TV shows电视节目)。1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 五.选择方框中的字母,补全对话。(10分)A What kind of noodles would you like ?B What size bowl of noodles would you like ?C What’s address,please ?D Can I help you ?E would you like something to drink ?A:Hello,This is Green Fast Restaurant. 1. B:Yes, I’d like some noodles,please.A: 2. B:A large one.A: 3. B: I’d like beef noodles.A: 4. B: Yes,a glass of orange juice,please.A:Anything else ?B:No,That’s all.A: 5. B:228 Garden Avendue.六. 作文(10分) 假如你家附近有一个动物园,有熊猫,老虎,考拉,大象,狮子,海豚等等,请根据提示词写一篇30-50字的作文。要求:内容完整,语句通顺,连贯,书写工整.提示词:zoo ,animals , kind of , like , because , interesting.


●一、英汉互译。(10分)  1.下课后____________ 2.跑步比赛_______________  3.这所学校的大门__________________ 4.我妈妈的朋友__________________  5.儿童节_________________ 6.make noise ______________  7.fold it in half _______________ 8.my E-mail address _______________  9.kick the football _____________ 10. the girl in the red hat ____________  二、用所用单词的适当形式填空。(10分)  1.There ________(be) some water in that bottle.  2.There are 5 basketball ________ (play) in every team.  3.-- ________ (be) you at home last night?  --- Yes, I was.  4. _______ (not speak) to your mother like that.  5. At ________ (one), I didn't know him, but now I do.  6. What time ________ you _______ (get) up every day?  7. Let him ________ (have) a drink of orange, please  8. When everybody _________ (seat), the meeting began.  9. I ______ (not have) any time to do it.  10. This story _______ (happen) near one year ago.  三、连词成句。(10分)  1. books, they, some, are, reading (.)  _______________________________________________________________  2. usually, we, have, 12:30, at, lunch (.)  _______________________________________________________________  3. tall, is, man, the, young, English, our, teacher (.)  _______________________________________________________________  4. go, school, I, my, car, often, to, father's, in (.)  _______________________________________________________________  5. they, room, what, in, doing, are, the (?)  _______________________________________________________________  四、改错,把错误部分的序号写在括号内,并把正确的写在横线上。  ( ) 1. The socks in the school is Kate's. _________________  A B C  ( ) 2. Is it he bag? _________________  A B C  ( ) 3. Who's jackets are these? _________________  A B C  ( ) 4. Give the books to she. _________________  A B C  ( ) 5. There are five girl's names on the paper. _____________  A B C  五、完形填空。(10分)  Dear friend,  My name is Alice Green. I am __1__ American girl. I'm thirteen. I have two brothers. One is Jack, __2__ is Tom. We go __3__ school five days a week. We stay at home __4__ Saturdays and Sundays. We are in __5__ same school.  My father is a worker. My mother is a teacher. Mother often __6__ China is great and Chinese food is good. The Chinese people __7__ very friendly.  I like spring. My brothers like __8__. We __9__ like watching TV. What about you?  Let us __10__. Please write to me soon.  Yours,  Alice  ( ) 1. A a B an C the D /  ( ) 2. A another B other C the other D the others  ( ) 3. A a B to C the D to the  ( ) 4. A in B on C the D /  ( ) 5. A a B an C the D /  ( ) 6. A say B says C speak D speaks  ( ) 7. A am B is C are D be  ( ) 8. A play football B playing football  C play the football D playing the football  ( ) 9. A each B every C all D any  ( ) 10. A do a friend B be a friend C do friends D be friends  六、阅读短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(10分)  The Smiths like to go out for a trip on Sundays. This Sunday they want to go to the West Hill. Jack and Mike, the sons, get up very early in the morning. Jack puts on a shirt and jeans, and Mike put on a T-shirt and jeans. They put bread, meat, eggs and some fruit in a basket and carry it to the car. M rs Smith also takes four tins of Coke with her. The little dog is running after her. It wants to go with them, too. They are all very happy.  ( ) 1. On Sundays the Smiths like ________.  A to stay at home B to watch TV  C to go out for a trip D to do shopping  ( ) 2. Jack and Mike wear ________.  A jeans and running shoes B coats and trousers  C some meat and bread D some food and books  ( ) 3. They take _______ with them.  A some apples and oranges B some bananas and pears  C some meat and bread D some food and books  ( ) 4. They can have _______ each.  A two tins of Coke B a tin of Coke  C four tins of Coke D three tins of Coke  ( ) 5. They also take ______ with them.  A the little dog B the little eat  C the bird D the horse


:?: :razz: :sad: :evil: :!: :smile: :oops: :grin: :eek: :shock: :???: :cool: :lol: :mad: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :idea: :arrow: :neutral: :cry: :mrgreen: